Materials Engineer

Materials & Metallurgical Scientist
Position Summary
Carries out research projects and provides a wide range of technical support utilizing a broad base of theoretical and professional knowledge in the metallurgical, materials and failure analysis area. Provides worldwide and local technical support to Research, Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality Control on all aspects of the metallurgy and processing of razor blade steel and other materials as needed. Researches and establishes specifications for blade steel and other materials as appropriate to business objectives.
The essential functions for this position include, but are not limited to the following:

1.Having extensive theoretical knowledge of microstructure, phase transformation, thermal processes and mechanical properties of materials
2.Having knowledge of physical and chemical metallurgy tests procedures
3.Having knowledge of metal forming, perforation and heat treating
4.Capable to make prototype parts based on new design concepts
5.Capable to establish metallurgical processes and material specifications based on the requirements of engineering designs and product performance
6.Familiar with Laser welding and other Laser processes (other nontraditional process knowledge or experience is plus)
7.Capable to carry out failure analysis for products and machine components
8.Familiar with and having hands on experience on all metallurgical Lab equipment and instruments
9.Having problem solving skill and capable to solving production issues by using Lab testing data and investigation production processes
Specific Accountabilities

oBe aware of and follow the Environmental Policy and EH&S work instructions/procedures that apply to the job
oPerforming every job safely, for the benefit of self, co-workers, contractors, and for the protection of facilities. This includes the use of required personal protective equipment and use of safety equipment/devices, guarding, as well as safe work practices
oImmediately reporting every job related injury or illness, regardless of severity, to a team leader/supervisor
oAssist in investigating incidents as directed by your supervisor
oTaking necessary actions to correct or stop unsafe conditions or practices
oActively participating in safety meetings and training
oReviewing and becoming familiar with the contents of the SHARP Manual
oReview Material Safety Data Sheet instructions before working with any chemical product
Required Skills and Experience
Master or Ph.D. degree in material and metallurgical science and engineering
Master degree with minimum 3 years experience
Research and/or engineering industrial experience. Laboratory background in metallurgy and mechanical testing, particularly in the fields of tool and stainless steel. Knowledge of basic metallurgical processing practices with experience in heat treatment of stainless steel. Capable to make prototype parts based on design concepts.
Working Relationships & Environment

Inside the company:

Provides technical consultation and services to Research, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Purchasing professionals worldwide.
Outside the company:

Interfaces with vendor sales and technical professionals, laboratories, universities and professional societies.

Don't Be Fooled

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