Sensory Scientist

Sensory Scientist Evaluation
Milford, CT location.

o Supports business needs by evaluating the human response to products.

o Identifies the specific research needs of the product development teams, marketing, legal and other clients; develops a research investigation plan.

o Possess and applies knowledge of Sensory and Consumer Science to lead, plan and complete projects - includes making recommendations to guide testing programs
o Responsible for the design, execution, in-depth analysis and interpretation of sensory evaluations, which consist of analyses of human response to personal care products, using descriptive, discrimination and consumer tests.

o Conducts In-depth analyses and integration of data derived from single or multiple tests to present a comprehensive picture of insights and recommended actions.

o Assists in the development and implementation of new human study methods to address specific sensory/consumer issues.

o Participates in cross functional and project teams by providing technical understanding of human study processes.

The essential accountability of this position is to design, execute and interpret sensory and consumer research investigations in support of business needs and objectives.
This colleague is accountable for:

o Design and execution of research investigations consistent with sound, robust scientific investigations that meet international standards and are defensible in front of the scientific community.

o Demonstrated solid, scientific-based understanding of the principles of sensory science and consumer research.

o Responsible for designing a robust research study that is objective driven and meets the needs of the project team.

o Presentation of all information in a manner that is coherent and accurately reflects the results obtained in the research investigation.

o "Up-to-date" knowledge and application of statistical analysis procedures for the investigation of sensory and consumer data.

o In-depth functional understanding of technical tools that support sensory testing (automated data collection systems, statistical software, Microsoft Office, etc.

o Responsible for a high level of their own quality of work and that of colleagues within their span of control, and for following all established Evaluation Science procedures and instructions.

o Active contribution as a partner representing Evaluation Science in cross-function product development and innovation teams by providing technical understanding of sensory and consumer science; knowledge of the R&D process in a business environment.

o Demonstrated actions to take initiative, think and work independently, problem-solve, work in teams and multitask; a solution orientated professional.

o Maintains current knowledge base of most recent developments in sensory and consumer sciences; identifies new capabilities to the Institute for Evaluation Sciences
o Continually expands understanding and ability to apply insights in scientific disciplines relevant to Evaluation Science.

o Conducting all activities in a safe manner consistent with company policies.

Specific Accountabilities
o This position actively designs, executes, analyses and reports the results of sensory and consumer investigations on Personal Care shaving products.
The primary location of this research will be at the RD&E facility and the Institute for Evaluation Sciences, both in Milford CT.
Additional research may be conduct at other contracted facilities as necessary.

o Additional duties may also be performed as assigned.

o The position reports to Group Leader, Saving Products RD&E.
There are no other team members reporting to this position.
No is no direct financial responsibility associated with this position.

Required Skills and Experience
o Individual has the following Qualifications:

o Formal education and experience in Sensory Science:

Minimum of a Bachelors of Science Degree in Sensory Science or a related scientific discipline (Psychology, Physiology, Sociology, Statistics) with 5+ years' experience in sensory science research supported by formal sensory education and/or

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